The 5 Best Cruises in the World

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There are many ways to spend your holidays, but sailing the seas aboard a cruise liner is, perhaps, one of the most pleasurable possibilities. Born as passenger transports, these vessels have evolved into real pleasure cruises that combine the latest technology in entertainment with the most opulent luxuries when it comes to accommodation and comfort. But not all ships are cut the same, and even within the same fleet, ships are quite different from one another. In this list you will find the best and most praised cruise liners in the world. So that if you ever wish to embark on an amazing holiday sail ing the seas, you know exactly what to pick. 

Disney Fantasy

The newest addition to the Disney Cruises fleet is also its best cruise, and arguably the best in the world. With 1,120 feet in length and a 120 ft. beam this vessel carries up to 2,500 passengers on 7 day itineraries departing from Port Canaveral, in Florida, throughout the Caribbean. With interiors designed in a Art Nouveau style this ship is not just luxurious, it is fun. Besides its “Europa” nightclub district, its many restaurants, and its theatres which feature live Disney musicals, this cruise liner is equipped with the AcquaDuck, the first water coaster at sea. Targeted primarily at families with young children, this ship is perfect for anyone seeking to spend a family holiday at sea.

Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas

Even though it first sailed in December 2009 this cruise liner retains – along with its sister ship Allure of the Seas – the title of the world’s largest passenger ship. Its 1,186.5 feet length and 198 feet beam allows it to harbor up to 6,200 passengers in its 16 decks. This ship is so large indeed, that it had to be divided into sections or ‘neighborhoods’, which include all kinds of amusements that range from the first living park at sea to rock climbing walls and dozens of restaurants, nightclubs, and shops. This ship attracts mostly young families and people, and sails through the Caribbean all year long.

RMS Queen Mary 2

The flaghsip of the Cunard Line is also the most luxurious ocean liner in the world. First launched in 2003, this ship is the only transatlantic liner to make regular trips between Southampton and New York, which operates part of the year, later to become a world cruiser sailing throughout the most attractive ports in the planet. Since it was designed to cross the ocean in a regular basis, this ship is slightly different than other cruise liners, as it has a much thicker steel hull, and a slightly different shape. Yet, its art deco grand lobby, its 15 restaurants, its casinos, theatres, the only planetarium at sea, and over 5,000 commissioned art pieces aboard the ship make up for an unforgettable experience at sea. Unlike previous cruises, this ship is proffered by a more mature demographic.

MSC Fantasia

This Italian cruise ship is all about luxury. With a length of 1,093 feet and a beam of 124 feet, it carries up to 3,900 passengers and a crew of 1,313 through the Mediterranean Sea most of the year, but also travels to North and South America. While it is not the largest ship in the MSC fleet, a title reserved for the MSC Diva, the Fantasia is, without a doubt, the most opulent ship sailing the seven seas. As an example, its yatch club features a staircase made entirely of Swarovsky crystals, and a private lounge with transparent ceilings. But this is nothing compared to a water park including 150 musical fountains, and state of the art furniture and ambientation.

Celebrity Silhouette

This Solstice class cruise liner has been launched in July 2013 and has, since, sailed the Mediterranean and the Caribbean seas, offering an exclusive and amazing experience to over 2,880 passengers at a time with a crew of 1,500. Among its unique features this ship (along with its sisters the Solstice, the Equinox, the Eclipse, and the slightly larger Reflection) boasts a Lawn Club in its upper deck, which includes half an acre of real grass, a Grill, and a Hamptonsesque eatery called “The Porch”. This titan of the seas also has 12 restaurants, theatres, pools, spas, and all kinds of attractions to make your week at sea a truly relaxing adventure.

Photo by Linval Ebanks on Unsplash