Most Dangerous Roads in The World

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Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand – This narrow and winding road actually requires a special permit to drive. If you do manage to get permission though, be ready for a slippery challenge and good luck if you run into someone coming from the other direction. 

North Yungas Road, Bolivia – Also known as the “Road of Death” in Bolivia, it is often cited as the most dangerous road in the world. It is a regular occurrence for buses and trucks to go tumbling to the valley below, especially when they try passing each other. l Image

Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines – More popularly known as the “Killer Highway” of the Philippines, Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City has seen numerous pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicular deaths over the years due to awful regulations and enforcement of traffic laws. l Image

James Dalton Highway, Alaska – although appearing serene at first glance, is filled with potholes, small flying rocks carried by fast winds, and worst of all it runs through the middle of nowhere.

BR-116, Brazil – The second longest road in Brazil has been nicknamed “The Highway of Death” for obvious reasons. Every year thousands of people die due to its poor upkeep and maintenance and even threats from gangs. l Image

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The Himalayan Roads – This catch all term for any road leading up into the Himalayas refers to a very dangerous network of unpaved, narrow, and slippery roads that are dotted with crashed cars and rolled over buses.

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China – this road in China was hollowed out of the side of a mountain by several villagers from the town of Guoliang. Before the construction of this mountain pass the village was cut of from the rest of civilization by the surrounding cliffs. l Image

Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan – Known as one of the most dangerous roads in Taiwan, the Taroko Gorge Road is full of blind curves, sharp turns, and narrow paths leading through cliffs and mountains. l Image

Halsema Highway, Philippines – The only way to get to Sagada, a popular tourist spot in the Philippines, is via the landslide-prone Halsema Highway. It is one of the most poorly maintained roads in the world and every year a bus or two will go rolling over its edge. l Image

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