Luxury and Prestige: Most Expensive Pets in the World

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expensive pets - Luxury and Prestige: Most Expensive Pets in the World

For some owning a simple pet is not only having a pet, but having another part of the family. And for some, having a luxurious and expensive pet is how they want their pets. However, this does not mean that those pets are for show only, they are loved and cared for the same way any pet should be. Furthermore, some pets have been genetically nurtured to perfection and that is why the can cost a pretty penny. l Image

Unfortunately though, for some species because of their intricate way of breeding and gene manipulation, they are worth more than a normal pet is worth. Also, do not forget that exotic pets also have exotic needs and wants, which you will have to fulfill. Make sure that if you can afford an exotic pet, that you can also afford its care.

The White Tufted Marmoset

Although they are the world’s smallest monkeys and they are extremely hard to train, but Marmosets are unique and extremely cute. They come from the Amazon basin and unfortunately they are very susceptible to human diseases, so if you are planning on owning one, make sure that you will take good care of it, and that you will visit a veterinarian regularly for checkups.

Moreover, make sure that if you ever have Marmosets that you have a big garden so that they can enjoy their freedom and swing around freely as if they were at home. l Image

The Rhesus Macaque

Although most Rhesus Macaques were used by laboratories for science and studies they make excellent pets. Thanks to them though, we now know of the different blood types in humans. Nevertheless, they are very inquisitive and very curious little pets, so make sure to teach them how to behave when exploring. l Image

The Bengal Cat

Bengali cats are the result of a breed between domesticated house cats and Asian leopard cats. Bengali cats have all the traits of a domesticated cat, but they have an extreme affinity for water and they are very active; so unless you have a huge backyard, get ready for a lot of running through your house.

Being that they are of mixed of domesticated and wildlife origin, they require a special diet and nutrition. Most owners are combining a raw/canned food diet, exclusively protein based (like a combo of raw lamb and/or Advance cat food). Bengali cats are worth the effort. l Image

The Capuchin Monkey

Capuchin monkeys are very intriguing and interesting pets you could own. They are intelligent and very caring; also they are very helpful when it comes to aiding handicapped. But they not only make excellent pets, but friends for life, as they can live almost as long as humans can live, if taken care of properly. l Image

The Savannah Cat

This is a breed between a domesticated cat and an African Serval. Savannah cats are extremely intelligent, and they are great to have around as pets. It will be very easy to house break it and teach it neat tricks if you want to show of your new best buddy. l Image

Kentucky Derby Bred Horse

Perhaps one of the most expensive pets you could have is a derby bred horse. They are purposefully bred for racing, and as such they are extremely well built and hansom horses. However, for this pet you will require a lot of necessary expenses otherwise you will make the horse suffer. l Image