Best Hotels In The City of Singapore

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Famous for its sophisticated style and eclectic culinary scene, the city of Singapore is truly a blissful utopia with a strange brew of Western, Indian, Malay and Chinese cultures. One of the most sought-after destinations in Asia, Singapore also beckons international tourists with its rich social stew and modernistic cityscape that looks like a setting from a blockbuster sci-fi film. 

What’s more, the city is teeming with thrilling outdoor activities that will burn a ton of calories in your body, such as water sports, cycling and running. With all the wonderful offerings of this cultural hub, it is no wonder flocks of tourists are now planning a vacation to this destination using a trip planner.

Choosing an ideal hotel in this dynamic hub, though, can be quite a tall order for any traveler, especially to those who are visiting it for the first time. From lavish boutique hotels and world-class resorts to affordable hostels, the city has a wide variety of accommodations to offer to its guests. Thankfully, this travel planner guide will unveil some of the best and most recommended hotels in this lovely modern Asian city.

Capella Singapore – When it comes to aesthetic appeal, very few hotels in Asia can rival Singapore’s Capella. Overlooking the South China Sea and Palawan beach, this majestic beauty is perched poetically on a lush and stunning hill on Sentosa Island. Designed by Lord Norman Foster, this elegant hotel features heritage touches combined with sleek contemporary components, creating a unique neo-colonial feel.

Apart from its unrivaled beauty and exquisite ambiance, the hotel also offers great panoramas of the sea. Plus, it is loaded with amazing amenities and facilities, including plunge pools, Jacuzzis, spa treatments and a whole lot more. To make your stay more pleasurable, the hotel has a friendly and attentive staff that will cater to all your needs.

Wanderlust Hotel – If you are on a tight budget during your layover to the Lion City, then consider staying at the budget-friendly Wanderlust Hotel with the help of a trip planner. Not only is it affordable, but it offers a one-of-a-kind experience to its guests as well. Set at the edge of the psychedelic Little India, this historic 29-room hotel is best known for its quirky room designs and varying themes.

Embellished in eye-catching decorations, each room offers a different kind of experience to its visitors, from the quirky Whimsical and minimalist Mono to the Pantone floor’s bright colors. Moreover, the hotel is packed with delightful extras, including smart TVs, espresso machines, local calls, tropical patio and a soft-drink mini-bar.

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Fullerton Bay Hotel – Established in 2010, the Fullerton Bay Hotel is one of the latest additions to the burgeoning hotel industry of Singapore. Yet surprisingly, it has catapulted itself into the international limelight, thanks to its wonderful waterfront setting and deluxe niceties. As a guest in this pleasure-seeking hotel, you get to crash in a suite or room with a sun deck or balcony that provides a spectacular sight of the Customs house, Clifford Pier and Merlion Park.

For a more quintessential panorama of the city, the hotel has bay-view suites and rooms with terraces that offer unhindered views of the Marina Bay Sands. By the way, the hotel has a gorgeous interior design inspired from Singapore’s colonial, Malay, Indian, Perakan and Chinese roots.