Best Honeymoon Destinations and Resorts in Tahiti

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You have just said “I do” and the party can begin. Parents, brothers, sisters, friends and relatives have all gathered to celebrate you wedding day. As the party unfolds , you become more and more relaxed, thanks to divine cocktails and the overall ambience. 

Within the first couple of hours of your marriage, as you dance and smile and have a great fun, you just stop for a moment, when the vision of a ravishing place occupies your mind. You only see the colors of turquoise and azure.

Even if you might not know what the place from the vision is, it can be only one place: Tahiti  and the surrounding archipelago of the French Polynesia. As the thought fades away, you continue with the wedding party, but the very next day you book a flight to this paradise-like resort in the Pacific Ocean and spend your honeymoon there. As your beautiful mind told you where to go, we are going to tell you where to stay while in the Tahiti area.

The Tahiti Island itself

Tahiti itself really has a rich variety of resorts and hotels. For instance, if you arrive in Tahiti, i.e. Papeete, the Tahiti Airport Motel is a fine option to get some sleep, maybe recuperate from a jetlag and get ready to set off for your real destination within this region. The rooms are neatly cleaned on a daily basis and most of them overlook the turquoise ocean.

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However, you will most probably be too delighted to stay in a motel while in Tahiti. If you are looking for something more fashionable, the Le Meridien Resort has everything you need when in Tahiti – rooms with the view of the lagoon, overwater bungalows and exclusive suites. Who knows, maybe Brooke Shields (from the ’80s) herself emerges from the lagoon. However, do not let her spoil your honeymoon.

Bora Bora for newly-weds

If you give advantage to a place even more secluded place than Tahiti, then Bora Bora is the right place for you. Whatever resort you choose here, you will make the right choice. A slight advantage might be given to the Intercontinental Bora Bora resort, which comes together with the Thalasso Spa.

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You will absolutely enjoy the blue nuance of the ocean here, especially if you decide to stay in of the overwater villas. What on Earth could more romantic than having an early breakfast served from a traditional canoe in front of your villa as the sun slowly and gently hacks its way through your partner’s hair. The staff from this resort really makes an effort to make your special occasion even more unique.

Hiahine in between

For visitors and honeymooners who want to explore even a more mysterious island, the Huahine Island is a perfect choice. Situated between Bora Bora and Tahiti, this island offers two unusual tourist attractions, the first one being the Fa’ahia site, where the remains of some extinct birds were found and the second one is a small bridge which is situated above an area with a special type of indigenous eels.

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When it comes to accommodation, the Huahine Te Tiare Beach Resort, situated in the eastern part of the island is one of the best places in the whole region. Situated in a cozy bay, this resort has picturesque forests as a background and the immense ocean in front of it.

A honeymoon in French Polynesia is probably the best option in the world. This area, with the touch of hospitality of the Polynesian people, is a special enclave, designed for those who really want to see that heaven can actually be a place on Earth.