Best Countries with the Highest Average Salary

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Norway $103,630 – According to our data, the highest paid Norway are Financial Services professionals at $110,000 yearly. The lowest paid Norway are Logistics, Operations & Purchasing professionals at $59,000. It has a prosperous economy, well-developed in both state and private sectors. Further, the country is rich in natural resources and the government controls many key areas of the natural resources economy, such as the petroleum sector. Norway spends 9% of its GDP for health, ensures that all of the population has access to one of the greatest healthcare systems in the world.

Qatar $92,2003 – highest paid Qatar are Executive Management & Change professionals at $165,000 yearly. The lowest paid Qatar are Engineering professionals at $51,000. Qatar is characterized by strong petroleum and natural gas sectors, and increasingly significant manufacturing and financial services sectors. The economic policies of the country are focused on making the country’s natural gas reserves as sustainable as possible while also increasing domestic and overseas investments in non-energy sectors. As with Norway, Qatar boasts nationwide health system coverage, fostering a long life expectancy among the residents.

Macau $76,2704 l Luxembourg $75,9905 l Australia $64,5406 l Sweden $61,6107 l Denmark $61,3108 l United States $55,2009 l Singapore $55,150

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