Adrenalin-Boosting Attractions in Sydney

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attractions in sydney - Adrenalin-Boosting Attractions in Sydney

Going Down Under guarantees that you are going to experience unbelievable things. This second youngest continent offers a huge variety of things to do, see and enjoy. One of the most important traits of Australia is the fact that this is the continent with the most explicit extremes. From the Aboriginal way of life, which dates back in the far away history, to beautiful landscapes and terrains, such as Mt. Kosciusko and modern cities, this beautiful country makes an all-inclusive package for every tourist. And its largest city, Sydney, offers even a wider array of possibilities to have fun and get some real adrenalin-boosting adventures. 

Meet S(k)ydney
Although every tourist who visits Sydney craves to see the famous Opera House and the harbor, it is not the only attraction this city can offer you. If you only scratch a bit on the surface of the mainstream tourist arrangements, you will find more interesting things to do. For instance, you can go and try sky diving above Sydney. It would be a real shame if you come to Sydney and miss such a chance. From the sky above Sydney you are going to see the immense blueness of the ocean and the vast space lying in the background of Sydney. Apart from a fine dose of adrenaline, you will also see some real natural eye candies, such as the Blue Mountains.

Wild clubbing
Sydney is also a great attraction for the wild side of life. If you can afford it, going to Sydney for a bachelor weekend (or a month; but then you could really remain a bachelor) is a wonderful idea. First you see some of the middle-of-the-road sights and then start pub crawling and club touring. No matter if you are straight, gay or whatever you wish, Sydney will provide enough options for each and every taste. For guys craving for hot fun, there are some high-class Sydney brothels, as well. Apart from that, many clubs also have dancers where you can also have a lot of fun and really get rid of the pressure and everyday duties.

Climb the Bridge
In one of the episodes of the popular Modern Family series, all the main characters climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge. While Gloria, Jay, Phil, Claire & Co. went for a day tour, you can spice up the climb and go for a night adventure or a dawn one. However, you have to know that you will not be allowed to roam on the bridge if you are under influence. So, it is not recommendable that you go to the bridge after a whole-night clubbing pursuit. This adventure might be even more interesting if there are more of you. And, please, do not forget to take an individual and group selfie on the bridge. And while it might seem benign, do not go for this climb if you suffer from acrophobia. In that case you will not get any adrenalin, but simply stay paralyzed.

Although it might not be glittery like New York or sophisticated like Paris, Sydney is a great place to experience some adrenalin-launching adventures and still see some great cultural and natural sights.

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